October 7, 2009

Quiet!! time to read

Maybe....its because I am a mom now, but I love watching Haven "be mommy" to her baby. She loves her little doll and takes her with her everywhere and does what mommy does. She loves to lay a blanket out on the floor and wrap her baby in it. She loves to give her "baba's" and read books to her. The best part is she is starting to pretend play with her and I often catch her talking to her and then responding back "as the baby" Its precious!! I love having a little girl!!


leah said...

She is so cute. I love the recent posts and the family pics. What a charming trio!

Shannon said...

How cute. Can't wait to watch Cambri do things like that. Little girls are something special! Miss u guys'

Leisa said...

your little girl looks just like you! i'm glad i found your blog. You are looking so super good.