December 11, 2008

Ballerina or Bat Girl??

Two parents + two opinions + one picture= one sleepy baby (the math doesn't quite add up but the results the same)

Raising Sweetness

Black & White Baby

All Dolled Up...

Haven loves necklaces and will try to put anything that resembles one over her head to wear it. She is a true girl.


One beautiful, warm, fall day we went to our favorite park and let Haven go crazy crawling, walking and eating leaves. We also got some great was a perfect day!

December 10, 2008

Big Bird or Rubber Duckie

Adam and I have had our costumes picked out forever. We couldn't decide what Haven could be that would go with ours. Then one day we thought about having her be Ernie's rubber duckie. I got a great deal through ksl for her cute little duck costume. It was a toss up at the big party though, everyone thought she was either Big Bird or Rubber Duckie. I thought she was one cute girl! I hope she continues to love Halloween as much as her mom does.