February 1, 2011

Pink snow birdie

Our little family decided to take the month of January to "snow bird" to St George. Adam's parents bought his grandparents house so we had an excuse to go down. It has been so much fun! We've had the Ostler's traditional New Year's party week down here. Then we took off for a week to go to California to play at Disneyland. When we returned to St George the Record's came down for the weekend. We've had the best time playing in the sun and its hard to even think about going back to the cold. Our good friends The Holland's even made the trek down too and surprised us for the weekend. Its been a month filled with cupcakes,sand dunes,walks,pizza factory,playing the Wii,swimming at the rec center,playing in the sun,shopping and more. I guess its been a month long vacation and really who could ask for more.

Lil brother

We've grown to a family of 4. Little baby Record "Liam Hayes" was born Oct. 8th @ 8:22am and weighed 5 lbs 3 oz 18.5 inches long. We love him so much! It's been an adjustment to have a little newborn again but it's so wonderful. He is such a good baby. It was easy for Haven to love him although he made her cry every time he cried. He is now 4 months and they both find joy in each other. She loves to get him to smile and is proud to be the big sister. It's such a blessing to have two sweet kids.