July 16, 2011

Us for now

The saying you never know where life will take you... is so true! When I married Adam 7 years ago, I had a feeling that life with him would be an adventure although at the time I never would have guessed just where it would lead. Over those 7 yrs we've managed to experience the majestic beauty of Alaska(where we made plans to settle, until things drastically changed and thank goodness they did) then the charming small town feel of Farmington for 5 yrs (where our two sweet babies entered our lives) and now here we are in the desert hills of St George. Adam has always talked about making his way back here, to where he relishes in his boyhood days.

I must say....

I NEVER thought I would like it this much! We're having an incredible experience making memories together in the desert, and yes it's HOT! Our days have been filled with lizard hunting, 25 main cupcakes, dance classes, splash parks, late night walks, carousel rides, exploring the river and basking in the extremely hot sun (only when submerged in water).

Life is blissful and we are content to find that home truly is wherever we are.

March 20, 2011

Days gone by

The vacation is over and life is finally back to usual. We've been busy playing with family,friends and toys that make home well home. Haven was so happy to be back to her room and toys. She has a little stuffed puppy that she named toesby. She is her best friend! She takes her everywhere sometimes it's good and sometimes it's kind of a pain. I am glad she has found happiness in the simple things and I think that's all that matters. I am looking forward to the day her little brother can play with her. She finds joy in his current stage of responding with giggles,big smiles and kicking his legs and flapping his arms. It's fun to have a little one and we're enjoying our little family.